8" Wide Light Tack Green Tape

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8" Wide - Light Tack Green  - A light adhesion product based on user requests

  • 8 inch wide rolls - The Perfect width for Coverage and Ease of Use
  • Perforated every 4.5 inches for the Perfect Tear and Quick Application
  • 165 Feet on each roll for maximum ROI$  Covers approximately 113 Registers

Light Tack Green 8" is perfect for Duct Cleaners and duct testing with Finished surfaces 

  • Adheres and seals with easy release
  • Airtight Perforations 
  • Great Tensile Strength - Eliminates “Shredding” on removal and provides a clean release

Temporary Sealing Applications:

  • Air Supply & Return registers for duct testing and cleaning
  • Exhausts and vents
  • Sealing doors, windows, and openings to prevent cross contamination
  • Sealing fireplace openings during cleaning, preventing soot & dirt contamination
  • Carpet & Surface protection
  • And Many, Many More Applications.  

If you need to Air Seal it, Protect it, or Contain it!!  This is your product.

    11 Reviews

  • Posted by Mitchell on Mar 28th 2020


    Great shrink wrap

    Bathe green shrink wrap is a great product and does not stick like the blue kind. For us that is good if we are sealing drains on plastic or wood windows.

  • Posted by Garrett Cunningham on Dec 16th 2019


    Great product

    Perfect tack and thickness for de-pressurized duct leakage testing. The new higher tensile strength is easy to work with and forgiving.