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Pre-Drywall Testing with Grill Mask Tape

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Pre-Drywall testing allows the builder/contractor to easily make repairs or corrections if excess leakage is detected,. 

All HERS Raters, BPI auditors and professional duct testers know that accuracy is critical to their client and to their reputation.  Professionals prefer Grill Mask Tape products from ThermalStar.  They know that only an adhesive seal will provide the accuracy that they demand.  ThermalStar's products are 100% Made in the USA and are rigorously tested for their adhesive properties, and are proven to "Hold Under Pressure"!

Performing a Pre-Drywall test makes the final that much easier. 

Avoid air duct scams

In this video, long time customer, Dave Adams of the Alpine Group, talks about Duct Cleaning Scams.  His crew are also using ThermalStar, Formula 5 Grill Mask Tape.Grill Mask Tape in Action

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