Adhesive Duct Film Tape Medium Tack 8" Wide - Blue Tape

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Medium Tack Blue - 8" Wide

  • 8 inch wide rolls - The Perfect width for Coverage and Ease of Use
  • Perforated every 4.5 inches for the Perfect Tear and Quick Application
  • 165 Feet on each roll for maximum ROI$  Covers approximately 113 Registers
  • Maintains seal under positive pressure

Medium Tack Blue 8" is our Flag Ship product ...and our most popular!! 

It is perfect for finished surfaces, as it adheres and seals tight with easy release

 Medium Tack Blue 8":

  • Airtight Micro Perforations 

  • Great Tensile Strength - This reduces “Shredding” upon removal and provides an easier, cleaner release

  • This is our Medium Adhesion formula - perfect for most applications

Temporary Sealing Applications:

  • Air Supply & Return registers for duct testing and cleaning
  • Exhausts and vents
  • Sealing doors, windows, and openings to prevent cross contamination
  • Sealing fireplace openings during cleaning, preventing soot & dirt contamination
  • Carpet & Surface protection
  • Boot Covers ... Yes, I said Boot Covers!!  The Fastest and Cheapest shoe & boot covers ever.  One size fits All!
  • And Many, Many More Applications.  

If you need to Air Seal it, Protect it, or Contain it!!  This is your product

16 Reviews

  • Posted by Dwayne Petko on Sep 3rd 2020


    8 inch medium tack

    good performance, good value. note took about a week to received from order.

  • Posted by David Wilson on Aug 3rd 2020


    Blue tape -- 8"

    FANTASTIC. Quality product and service. I am always amazed at the fast delivery that you guys provide.

  • Posted by Barb Isaac on Jul 10th 2020


    Blue Tape

    Priority Energys Aeroseal technicians have tried duct mask tape from other companies, but this one works the best. And the price is fair.

  • Posted by Steve Evangelist on Jun 9th 2020


    Nothing beats it!

    Simply a 'must-have' for my business. This is such great stuff - It allows me to do my job so much better. I've been using this tape for years, and will continue to do so everyday that I'm out working. Only thing I'd ever hope for is a local source for the tape,, but easier said than done I know.

  • Posted by Dirti Ducts on Jun 6th 2020


    8" Wide - Blue

    Great product. We have been using it for years.

  • Posted by david on Apr 23rd 2020


    Blue Tape 8"

    Fantastic stuff. Easy to use and durable for us on construction site (using it to "seal" off HVAC registers for duct testing. And super fast delivery! So great!!

  • Posted by Nathan Novarese on Mar 9th 2020


    8" Wide - Blue

    Works perfect for my companies application using on painted vent registers.

  • Posted by Kevin schleith on Mar 5th 2020



    Great tape!

  • Posted by Pam Gottschalk on Feb 17th 2020


    Best Tape found

    We’ve been using for years and haven’t found anything better for what we use it for!