Heavy-Duty Tape

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Heavy-Duty Orange

(PLEASE NOTE: If you are looking for long term protection of sheet metal parts, un-installed duct work or parts on the way to a job site then go to our Specialty Products section to our Duct Wrap / Duct Protection Film.)

Sometimes you need a little more muscle to stick to unfinished surfaces during construction. Our Heavy-Duty Orange is the solution! Not only does it adhere to rough surfaces, but it also sports a high tensile strength, which makes it more rigid in maintaining it's shape when applying and removing in one piece.

  • Perfect for most applications
  • 8", 12" & 24" widths to cover all standard openings
  • Airtight Micro Perforations every 4.5" for lean waste
  • 3.4 mil thick - the strongest on the market!
  • 165' rolls for maximum ROI$
  • Maintains seal under positive pressure**Does NOT Leave a residue!

Use it for Temporary Sealing Applications:

  • Duct Testing, Duct Cleaning, Containment, Air Sealing, and many other applications
  • The large format quickly seals big registers, fireplaces, commercial jobs, and other openings