Light-Tack Tape

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Light-Tack Green Tape

Our Light-Tack Green is our newest product based on user requests for finished surfaces where you need adhesion but want to remove more easily. Many of our Medium-Tack Blue customers now prefer Light-Tack Green for its agility, size variations, and clean release.

  • 8", 12" & 18" wide rolls - easy to use and cover most applications
  • Self-sealing micro-perforations every 4.5" or 6"
  • 165' roll for maximum ROI$
  • 8" wide rolls cover approximately 113 registers

Use it for Temporary Sealing Applications / Duct Protection Film / Adhesive Duct Film

  • Duct Cleaning and Testing on finished surfaces
  • Covers air supply, return registers, exhausts & vents
  • Hermetically seal doors, windows, & openings 
  • Prevent soot & dirt contamination when cleaning fireplace
  • Carpet & surface protection - always test surfaces!
  • And Many, Many More Applications.  

If you need to air seal it, protect it, or contain it - this is your product!