Medium-Tack Tape (Blue)

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Medium-Tack 8" Tape

Our  8" Medium-Tack Blue Tape covers standard vents for Duct Cleaning and Testing, Indoor Air Quality, Restoration, HVAC, and HERS RATERS Professionals. Temporarily mask painted or finished surfaces with a Hermetic Seal under positive pressure or negative pressure for Duct Cleaners and Duct Testing.

  • Temporary Interior Use only
  • 8" & 12" widths cover standard vents
  • Airtight Perforations every 4.5" or 6" reduces waste
  • 165'/roll covers approximately 113 Registers
  • Maintains seal under positive pressure
  • High tensile strength equals shred-free release

Use Medium Tack 8" Blue for Temporary Sealing and Masking:

  • Duct Testing - Pressure or Depressurized Testing
  • Duct Cleaning - seals Supply & Return registers
  • Covers & protects exhausts and vents
  • Prevents cross-contamination: seals doors, windows, & openings
  • Seal fireplaces during cleaning to avoid soot & dirt contamination
  • General surface protection / Masking
  • Boot Covers: The Fastest and Cheapest shoe & boot covers ever.
  • And Many, Many More Applications.

Medium-Tack Blue is your product if you need to air seal it, protect it, or contain it!