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8" Wide Heavy Duty Orange Tape

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Our Heavy Duty Orange Tape in a 8" Wide Format

  • All Purpose Air Sealing Adhesive Tape for, Duct Testing, Duct Cleaning, Containment, Air Sealing and many other applications
  • Ergonomic Easy Handling with our 165 Foot Rolls = *SPEED of Installation!
  • Perfect for All Air Grills!
  • Holds under Pressure and **Does NOT Leave a residue!
  • Higher tack / adhesion than our other formulas
  • 8 inch width format for the Most Versatile Duct Coverage
  • 3.4 mil Heavy Duty Thickness!
  • Perfect "Hard" micro perforations every 4.5 inches for Reliable Application with the least amount of waste
  • Tested to Maintain an Air Seal under Positive Pressure!!

Shipping and Packaging:

Pack Size Packaged Weight (lbs) Packaged Width (in) Packaged Height (in) Packaged Depth (in)

Single Roll

3 5 5 8

4 pack

10 9 9 9

6 pack

15 14 9 9

12 pack

28 9 9 25

18 pack

43 14 9 25

24 pack

55 18 9 25

Extra Information

3.00 LBS

    15 Reviews

  • Posted by Alex Jagoe on Nov 13th 2020


    Orange tape 8"

    This product is great. I have been using the orange tape for about a year now and it has been a great transition saving some money per square foot. Very quick delivery

  • Posted by JOHN S LANE on Nov 11th 2020


    New graphic paint

    Several grille manufacturers are using a "epoxy" paint that is difficult to get tape to stick to. This seems to work well.

  • Posted by Alex Jagoe on Jul 13th 2020


    Orange tape 8"

    This is a great product! I tried the 24" roll -- I will try the new 12" or maybe it was 18" Orange on my next order. I have ripped some paint off trim with some builders -- we will be moving only them to the Blue -- I think that's a combo of (poor quality) paint and leaving the tape in our blistering vans. This is not an issue for 95% of the jobs we do, which is telling in itself! I say that not as a complaint but something you can mention to other Raters who might have this issue to help solve it. Always gets 5 Stars -- Tape Guys are the best! Alex Jagoe Quantum Raters

  • Posted by Robert Murawski on Jul 13th 2020


    Heavy Duty 8” tape

    It’s very heavy duty. I have been purchasing from another company for years. It was never very sticky, especially on dusty surfaces and some registers that had almost a non stick coating. I needed something better. This was it! Be careful on freshly painted drywall. It’ll take the paint off.

  • Posted by Alex Jagoe on Feb 23rd 2020


    Orange tape 8"

    This is my favorite tape to use when duct testing. It always sticks and is twice as thick as other tape so it doesn't fold and stick on itself

  • Posted by John Hensley on Feb 13th 2020


    Quality of the product and applications

    The blue works fine in the summer but the orange is what you want for cold weather conditions - works great but pull it off carefully - it really sticks