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What Our Customers Say

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I love this stuff
We were introduced to this product by a supplier of our air sealing products. We now use it for duct testing, energy ratings, and air sealing projects. After being disappointed by other similar products, we love this tape for various reasons. Thank you, Tape Guys, for solving a problem we all have and providing us with a superior product that effectively and efficiently supports our business

James Roddy

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Y'all are my go to team for fast, reliable service with easy ordering and the best customer service (I've been buying duct mask tape for almost 20 yrs!) The performance is awesome! The Green tape gets the job done.I can apply it directly to drywall without worrying about it causing any damage. It's easy to use and super visible, helping not to forget it and the perforations allow for a precise and simple tear for testing

John Fry, Southern Energy Management

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Their customer service is outstanding.
Tape Guys has always given us a high quality product that performs exceptionally well. When our employees are short on time, having a tape that works well is crucial. Tape Guys' tape is always sticky enough to cover the registers during the energy testing but not too sticky that it is difficult to remove when finished. Having used other brands in the past, none can compare to Tape Guy s' products. Next to their products, their customer service is outstanding.

Ruben Colon Pena, Veritas

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The double sided tape is exactly what I was looking for. It saves me time and money, is excellent for mold containment, doesn't leave any residue or ruin anything I apply it to, and it's easy to remove!

Jesse Posada

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It works a s it should. Best price we can find. You keep making it, and we'll keep buying it

-Brad Bray