Restoration & Mold Abatement

Provide immediate relief to your customers

And keep a schedule that works for you.

When disaster strikes, timing is everything - but not your friend.

There is a delicate balance between responding quickly to give a quote, scheduling, and giving your customers peace-of-mind - before your competition does. Not to mention getting the work done with as little overtime as possible.

Efficiency is a driving force behind our Restoration Tapes, they help you:

Be More Profitable

Our Standard 520 Tape for Mold Containment allows you to work on each project and get it done faster than traditional mold removal protocols.

Close Sale on Estimate

Our Standard 520 Tape will immediately encapsulate mold in walls and other surfaces, giving your customers relief - and you the job.

Be More Efficient

Service more customers in less time! Our high-performance tapes will make application and removal faster than ever - and your customers will notice!

Reduce Your Costs

Standard 520 allows you to encapsulating moldy areas immediately and schedule the removal with more flexibility. This mitigates additional damage and unnecessary demolition.

Be More Professional on the Jobsite with Branded Tape

With many franchise owners as customers, brand consistency is essential! With specialized and colorfully branded tape with your logo, each site will reinforce to your customers and staff your commitment to your brand values.

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TapeGuys Restoration Products

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