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8" Wide Medium Tack Blue Tape

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Medium Tack Blue - 8" Wide

  • 8 inch wide rolls - The Perfect width for Coverage and Ease of Use
  • Perforated every 4.5 inches for the Perfect Tear and Quick Application
  • 165 Feet on each roll for maximum ROI$  Covers approximately 113 Registers
  • Maintains seal under positive pressure

Medium Tack Blue 8" is our Flag Ship product ...and our most popular!! 

It is perfect for finished surfaces, as it adheres and seals tight with easy release

 Medium Tack Blue 8":

  • Airtight Micro Perforations 

  • Great Tensile Strength - This reduces “Shredding” upon removal and provides an easier, cleaner release

  • This is our Medium Adhesion formula - perfect for most applications

Temporary Sealing Applications:

  • Air Supply & Return registers for duct testing and cleaning
  • Exhausts and vents
  • Sealing doors, windows, and openings to prevent cross contamination
  • Sealing fireplace openings during cleaning, preventing soot & dirt contamination
  • Carpet & Surface protection
  • Boot Covers ... Yes, I said Boot Covers!!  The Fastest and Cheapest shoe & boot covers ever.  One size fits All!
  • And Many, Many More Applications.  

If you need to Air Seal it, Protect it, or Contain it!!  This is your product

Shipping and Packaging:

Pack Size Packaged Weight (lbs) Packaged Width (in) Packaged Height (in) Packaged Depth (in)

4 pack

8 9 9 9

6 pack

12 14 9 9

12 pack

25 9 9 25

18 pack

36 14 9 25

24 pack

49 18 9 25

36 pack

73 18 14 25
8.00 LBS

    39 Reviews

  • Posted by Matt Brunsvold on Feb 29th 2024


    8" Wide Medium Tack Blue Tape

    this stuff is sticky, holds like an aerobatic on a bi-plane wing and gets the job done!

  • Posted by Jeffre Young on Feb 24th 2024



    Works great, great quality. And shipping is quick.

  • Posted by Ryan Christensen on Aug 26th 2023


    Blue Duct Seal

    Works very well no issues rips well and removes perfectly

  • Posted by Stephen Krale on Jan 14th 2023


    Med tack tape

    I work as a Hers I and II rater in California, this product is great stuff, works awesom for duct blasting and sealing opens for blower door reads. I love the stuff and do not like to run out. Plus the employees there are great! Keep up the good products and service!

  • Posted by Justin Peck on Jun 23rd 2022


    Blue 8” tape

    Perfect for cleaning duct work out ! Recyclable and also paint friendly . As in it doesn’t take paint off …. But also could be used for masking something to paint .

  • Posted by Krale on May 14th 2022


    Med tack 8” tape

    Great product and service!

  • Posted by Pam Gottschalk on Mar 18th 2022


    Blue Mask Tape 8”

    Been using it for years and does a great job dealing off covers while performing duct cleaning!

  • Posted by James Roddy on Feb 14th 2022


    I absolutely love this stuff

    We were introduced to this product by a supplier of one of our air sealing products. We now use it for all of our duct testing, energy ratings, and air sealing projects. We absolutely love this tape after being disappointed by other similar products for various reasons. Thank you, Tape Guys, for solving a problem that we all have and providing us with a superior product that supports our business effectively and efficiently.

  • Posted by Rick Jenkins on Jan 20th 2022


    Great service

    Got the tape after it went to the wrong location. The Tape Guys came through and got it done. Thanks Chris!