Double-Sided Containment Tape

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Double Sided Containment Tape

2" wide rolls - 108 linear Feet

Premium grade, double-sided containment tape for quickly creating containment systems for restoration, abatement and remodeling tasks such as painting, cleaning, sanding, mold remediation, asbestos removal and much more. The surface side is a premium grade painter's tape adhesive with a clean removal from a variety of surfaces and, on the other side, an aggressive adhesive that securely holds poly-sheeting and other protective coverings. 

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Features & Benefits


  • Premium grade, double-sided containment tape

  • Excellent holding ability in both wet and dry environments

  • Hand-tearable

  • Removes quickly and easily in a single step

  • Two adhesive systems: premium grade painter's tape adhesive gives a clean removal from surfaces without damage

  • High Adhesion surface holds securely to poly-sheeting and other protective coverings



Build containments, hang masking, adhere to wall surfaces and hold!  

Tears easily and cleaning by hand 

Preferred by Professionals!